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Roofed Patio Dining Area

Who says you can not enjoy the patio dining areas during the rainy season? It is a good thing that most restaurants …

Bistrot Cinq is the New Kid on the Block

Bistrot Cinq is the newest kid on the block of La Antigua Guatemala restaurants. It is an upscale bistro with exquisite decoration. I know restaurant decoration should be different than home decoration, but honest I want to move here. 😉 I guess for now at least I should go try the food. I will post my report later on. Stay tune!

Inside View at La Naranja Pelada Restaurant

Guy’s description of the restaurant fit it to the t: “…wood-panelled and decorated with specimens of local ‘game’ such as snakes, turtles and armadilloes.” La Naranja Pelada restaurant falls into the tacky category of restaurants or bars that have an exotic, underground sort of, appeal for intellectuals and ordinary people alike. Another example of this is the bar El Olvido in Guatemala City. I dislike most of what I saw inside La Naranja Pelada (peeled orange), but especially the animal decoration on the walls and bar. Also the full-size ‘Marlboro Man’ poster is of poor taste in my book. This weekend We rented the film Thank You for Smoking directed by Jason Reitman and there was a chapter about the Marlboro Man who was dying from all the years of smoking. Talk about synchronicity.