The Mesón Panza Verde’s Pet

The Panza Verde Cat on the dome

The Mesón Panza Verde is one the best Bed-n-Breakfast in Antigua. It houses a very fine restaurant, an art gallery and the hotel. I have mentioned Panza Verde on my entry about Sabor Cubano and Cuban music in Antigua. I found this review of PV’s Cuban music show at BlogJangles: “Friday night at Panza Verde, three members of the Buena Vista Social Club play by the bar. It was spectacular.” Needless to say, if you come to Antigua this is a cool place to hang out. Don’t forget to stop by and pet the cat. After all, he is the king of the house.

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  • Next to this (I think) is Cafe Ana. That’s where we eat when we don’t mind walking for a while. You can walk everywhere in LAG, but I find this part of town does not have as many pedestrians as other places (no matter the time of day). There are really old pictures in Cafe Ana. I like to look at them every time we are there. I have not been to the Mezon Panza Verde, but I have read about it via reviews found on line.
    P.S. I have a lot of objectives this year, one of which is to go through all of the LAGDP posts (hopefully and God willing). Saludos. 🙂