Antigua’s electric wires

Antigua’s electric-wire web, originally uploaded by rudygiron.

Spiders are not the only animal that creates webs: humans do too, and all different kinds…

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  • The guatemala people here buy yucca roots at food store and cook them. I tried it tasted ok. something like our Irish potato.They also buy prickle pear cati and cook , to me it was like green beans except when i cooked it and it cooled turned to jelly, slimy, They told me I should have boil them and drained the water off and then boil again, live and learn. The prickle pear cati grows in north west arkansas but stay small .They don’t get tall.

  • I’ve never found electric wires to be very beautiful even if they are useful to us humans. They can make interesting shots like yours though 🙂

  • Simplicity, color, and composition — super!

  • Great snapshot!