Maid and door in Antigua

Maid and door

We can derive three facts about Antigua from this photo. 1: Maids wear an apron all day long. 2: Many doorways in Antigua have one or two lamps to the sides. 3: Many doors in Antigua are framed by concrete and plants.

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  • Love this pic! I also love the random fact about the doors – I never would have thought of the horses factor!


  • great shots these days, the rain photo is the one I like most although I also think this door is beautiful 😉

  • Hi Rudy! Agree with the two girls…beautiful shot! The door facts are very interesting! 🙂

  • Great shot, that house has a door similar to those of castles. The wood has an ancient touch.

    Greetings from Perú

  • Oh, I like this one!

  • J’adore les portes et fenêtres. et celles-ci sont belles.

    I also have a category “doors” on our webside.
    Doors are another point of view.

    thanks fort beautiful pictures

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  • Ana

    That is not concrete! It is stone that was quarried near the area.

  • Ana, thanks for the clarification.