Let’s meet for drinks at sunset

Sunsets on Cafe Sky

I have posted a couple of photos of Cafe Sky before and then I told you there was nothing like a sunset. Well, today I decided to show the people enjoying themselves and waiting for the sunset while having some beers. Even thugh it was only Tuesday when the photo was taken, you can see that in Latin America time moves at a different pace: Easy and slow!

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  • They kinda look comical, almost like “human birds” sat on the roof.

  • Meg

    Oh, they are on the roof?! I kept looking at the windows. How fun. Good Tuesday to them all!

  • the rooftop looks rather Chinese in style to me, and it’s funny with all those heads on the roof

  • I, too, missed the people at first because of the doors. And, I agree that it’s somewhat comical.

  • Yeah agree with Lisi…the rooftop looks a little bit chinese…but very beautiful!

  • Great spot! And more great doorways too!

  • At first I thought they were twisted chimneys. But then I saw they were absurd yuppie tourist heads.

    (A really telling picture.)

  • I love the way you are first made to think that the main feature is the yellow doors but then you realise there are people at the top and that becomes the main focus of the photo. Just wonderful!

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