Love is on the air

Love is on the air

After looking at Eric’s “Still hot in Paris!“, I made a mental note to photograph couples in Antigua to show that love is everywhere. The Erotism and carnal imagery found in Paris is a different story. But, I am still looking: have camera and batteries on hand, I will be ready.

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  • lea

    estaba en antigua desde junio hasta el primero augusto y hay Un grupo de musica quien me encante. es el grupo Sol latino. no se si conoces, pero espero porque me gustaria ver unas photos de ellos..Se que ellos tocaban en el rainbow coffe pero tal vez ahora ya no..
    espero que vas a descubrir este grupo porque creeme que vale la pena.

  • Be careful on your quest.

    ps Great slideshow!

  • I love their opposing stripe patterns! Great shot.

  • Lea: I know about Sol Latino and I have seen them performed: they are great. The good news is that they have their own place now. It is called La Peña de Sol Latino.

    Luggi: I will be careful. On the other hand, I know both of the people in this shot. I was a voyeur though, I took a few shot before they realized and once they were aware, they waved hi.

    Sarah: Good catch!

  • Looking for album cover or pics or website for sol latino group, acn anyone help me???