Transnational: 30 minutes or less

30 minutes or less

With this photo I will begin a series on transnational companies in La Antigua Guatemala. Domino’s Pizza is very popular here, as it is evident through the many motorbikes for delivery and on this opposing photo you can see the Domino’s Pizza sign and their very short order telephone number 1730. Guatemala’s telephone number system has 8 digits for the whole country, but they have a short number for those companies that can pay for it; sort of like those vanity license plates in the United States. All the numbers start with 17 and in the case of Domino’s they have 1730 for their 30 minutes or less promise/adverting campaign. Besides, the delivery bikes and the take-out restaurant, Domino’s Pizza has a kiosk in the Antigua’s market premises where they sell pizza by the slice (I bet, this you haven’t seen before).

I will have some surprises for you this week, don’t miss it!

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