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Dr. Simi

Dr. Simi is Mexico’s transnational Farmacias Similares (Similar Pharmacies) mascot. Farmacias Similares has made their business to take generic medicine to the poor under the slogan: “Lo mismo pero más barato” or “The same but cheaper”.

Should generic medicine be more accessible?

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  • so cute! would love to be a child again and jump up and down on this!

  • medicine has became almost impossible to buy here because of the price, in canada the cost is much less because their goverment stopped them from charging more, in mexico you can buy med. cheaper also but here the drug companies are making hugh profits. then they try to tell us they are using the money for research.they are linning their pockets and we know it. we have insurance plans that help buy our med. what that comes down to is we pay the insurance companies and then buy our med also. that is how the world turns the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.didn’t i read on your blog about the man who owns these drug stores running for president?

  • Patsy: You did not read it here, but your are right. The owner of Farmacias Similares did try to participate on Mexico’s Presidential Elections of 2006, but he did now even qualified since he did not have a political party that supported him. Also, I do agree with you that medicine is expensive everywhere and that is why, as citizens, we have to push for and support laws that allow the sale of generics.

  • LD

    And don’t forget that apart from that big puffy mascot, they also have another well-known figure behind Farmacias Similares– Guatemalan Nobel Peace Prize winner Rigoberta Menchu.

  • Sally

    Absolutely! Drug patents and copyright and pharma companies is one of the biggest evils going. The pharmas are constantly lobbying the Australian govt to relax its scheme which makes for affordable medicines here.

    Bravo to the generics promoters in your area of the world!

  • Curly

    This is a great worthy idea which needs to be taken notice of. A great picture too!

  • Lo mismo para mas barato, sounds a wonderful programme to me! As long as it really is ‘the real thing’ and not a cheap copy that contains no active ingredients. We hear a lot about fake drugs in Asia and in the world generally – do you have this problem in Central America?