Guatemala’s favorite vehicle

guatemala's favorite vehicle

For some reason, mini trucks are Guatemala’s favorite vehicle. Toyota and Nissan are the preferred brands in Guatemala.

What would you say is the preferred vehicle in your city? Let me guess: SUVs, well maybe not; I rather wait for your answer.

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  • sí, también por aquí pero no precisamente los últimos modelos 😉

    muchos saludos
    q tengas un lindo día

  • I love these moving photos…very nice pics

  • It has to be Land Rovers for moving sheep and cattle to market.

    Great Photos.

  • Enrico

    Unfortunately, in my opinion, people in the the US tend to buy larger cars/truckss/SUVs than they really need. Everybody likes BIG things here. Still there is also a new tendency toward small city cars and hybrid vehicles as well.

  • I think that different parts of the country have different preferences.

  • En guate si utilizamos los pickups para trabajar, a diferencia de los estadounidenses que utilizan SUVs para llevar los niños a la escuela… Lastima que Toyota dejo de fabricar autos fuertes y duraderos, los nuevos Hilux no han sido muy bien aceptados por la gente del campo que utiliza pickups para trabajo pesado.

  • In my town, it’s definitely bicycles. Like most other old Dutch towns, this is just the fastest way to get around.