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Guatemalan textiles are world-famous. As a graphic designer, I have been intrigued for a long while now about the fact that the indigenous people use so many different colors, patterns and textures in their textiles and yet the whole pieces are always in harmony. How do they do it?

Just click the link to see many more samples of the native Guatemalan textiles.

Today’s entry is dedicated to Hisako, Meg‘s mom, who is currently in a trip through Guatemala to learn about the textiles techniques from this part of the world. Good luck on your trip Hisako!

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  • Wonderfully warm photo. Beautiful capture!

  • Meg

    Thank you so much for your help, Rudy. I’m sure Mom is having a great time – she hasn’t called Dad once this trip. And since she was thinking this might be the last long-distance textile trip because of her age and Dad’s health, you made this trip absolutely a trip of a lifetime. I know she’ll be ringing me as soon as she gets home in a week’s time.

    The thing you said about colors – that there are so many colors and patterns used in Guatemalan textile, and yet they all go well together – baffles me also, and I hope to sit down some day and look at not only textile books but your blog photos carefully (because you have people wearing those textiles in an everyday setting) and hope I’ll learn something.

    Again, thank you for all your kindness.

  • i wonder as well and truly admired their ability to make strong vivid colors look so good, which other in modern design would clash

  • i meant – otherwise

  • Thought I would stop in to see a fellow South American DP 🙂 Cool photo! I especially enjoyed the two featuring the long lines…that seems to be the name of the game here too – waiting, waiting, and more waiting. You can always tell when it’s pay day as the lines are out the door of the bank.

    Have a good day!

  • Cristina

    Hi, I’m visiting from Meg’s blog. This is an amazing photo–what beautiful colors!!

  • Sophie: I like the contrast between the blue of their clothes and the yellow wall. Thanks for visiting and I hope you come back often; remember everyday there is a new photo of La Antigua Guatemala.

    Meg: It was my pleasure. I wish I could have had more time for her.

    Krisz: That is exactly my point. It is difficult to take so many colors and not make them clash.

    Lisa: Thanks for visiting the Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo. La Antigua Guatemala is actually in Central America. South America begins with Colombia. Lisa, please be welcome to the DP family of cities with photoblogs. We will be following your footsteps.

    Cristina: I take it you like textiles too. 😉

  • ioanna

    I would like to be there. The colors are so live, the women, the clothes, the wall of the building, wonderful. Antigua looks very beautiful place.

  • I have always been besotted with Guatemalan textiles – exquisite craftsmanship and color and patterns that celebrate the beauty of life. Lovely photo, too.

  • denise

    me extraña mucho mi paiz!!!! Toda la ropa de Guatemala es muy bonita!!!