Captains’ Palace at night in Antigua Guatemala

Palacio de los Capitanes in Antigua

Since several of the Daily Photo Cities are publishing images with low-light or taken at night, I decided to continue with other photos I’ve taken around Parque Central at night. Just a few days ago I posted Lit branches at Parque Central and Illuminated Central Park.

Today I bring to you a shot of another building that is photographed a lot. Palacio de los Capitanes, or Captains’ Palace caught the eye of Meg on the Guatemalan Choppers in Antigua post, back in August 17th. Nowadays the building is used by The Police and the State Department as their headquarters. Here is a view of the building during the day.

Here are other Daily Photos Cities with night shots recently

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  • un auto misterioso ^.^
    bien puestas las luces en medio de la oscuridad!!!

    saludos Rudy 🙂

  • Hi Rudy, thanks for your footprints…I had been extremely busy myself…well, holidays coming up soon and I wish you will have a nice break 🙂

  • The play of light on the arches is very attractive!

  • ioanna

    Wow, I feel like watching a “film noir”! Where are the gangsters?
    Very charmy, atmosferic photo! I like it very much!

  • Giulianna: Aquí sólo el coche es misterioso… en tu fotografía incluso tú eres misteriosa. Nos dejas verte pero desde muy lejos. ;-(

    Lisi: Thanks for stopping by. I know, me too. I just getting around to reply comments for the last two weeks.

    Kate: I happy to know you liked it.

    Ioanna: Thanks for the compliments… I like your photos too.

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