Sun-powered clock

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This clock might not be exactly a “Clockwork Orange” as the Big Ben (via London Daily Photo), but at least, we can say it is very energy-efficient. By the way, here is a little “overshare”, as Miss Jill calls it: Kubrick’s film, which I’ve seen over thirty times, and all the books by Charles Bukowski were my lifesaver in the 1990s. Nevermind Nirvana, of course.

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  • Ohmigosh — I don’t belive I’ve ever seen one in real life. The face is marvlous. The numbers are different from what I’m used to — any hints on telling the time?

  • Lessie: First, you have to know if it is morning or afternoon. Second, you look at the shadow casted by the iron rod coming out of the sun’s mouth. In this picture, the time is 9 a.m. (almost).

  • Thanks. I should have figured that out myself. Very neat. I’ve read about them, of course, but seeing one is another matter altogether. 🙂

  • Thanks for the shout out! Para que sepa, I’m back to blogging.

  • Miss Jill: I am so happy you are back.

  • I just watched Clockwork Orange for the first time…did not understand how the title related to the events of the movie. ¿Is it explained in the book?