Holy Week Elements: Cucuruchos

Semana Santa Elements: Cucuruchos

I want to thank Byron Ortiz for allowing me to use his photos of Semana Santa (Holy Week), so we can better understand the Holy Week Celebrations in La Antigua Guatemala.

This week we are running a mini-series: Elements of the Holy Week Celebrations in La Antigua Guatemala and its world-famous Semana Santa.

Cucuruchos with their purple or violet cone-head dress are another prominent element of Semana Santa in Antigua Guatemala. Last week, Santiago Durham asked what its the significance of the color purple or violet in the dress and banners during Semana Santa, well it took a lot of digging to find out (I turned around and asked my office coworker), but I can now tell you the purple is worn as a sign of penitence. As a matter of fact, processions are a sign of penitence as well, heck the whole Semana Santa is a penitent act.

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  • Santiago Durham

    Thanks for the explanation about purple during Semana Santa. Was your source Jimena or Amparo? You are so right about “the whole Semana Santa is a penitent act”. Especially for those of us who live here in Antigua.

  • Wonderful photo.

    “heck the whole Semana Santa is a penitent act”

    Brillant. I will quote you. 🙂

  • actually purple is the color for a king. or royalty. i can not tell you why people in your country do what they do but since it is a holiday that has to do with the church and Christ i would think that it is to represent king ship. i love thoese carpets people make what patients it takes.

  • Bonifacio Samayoa

    I looking at nice slide shows, I can’t get enough Jesus in Semana Santa
    I am from Guatemala and it so beautiful to see things from my

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  • Lily Porras

    I am from Antigua, and have to say it is an amazing site and one of kind to see the fervor of my home town. Keep in mind the most amazing shows of love and dedication when they have few means.

  • Santiago, I guess I am the only one who dislikes the crowds.

    Lessie, let me know about the quote. 😉

    Patsy, well I don’t know about the color purple for the king. I believe colors have different meanings in different cultures.

    Bonifacio, gracias por la visita y espero regreses seguido. Recuerda el sitio se actualiza todos los días.

    Lily, gracias por el cumplido y por dejar tu comentario. Regresa seguido que aquí encuentras una foto nueva todos los días.

  • anjolina

    I really think site is great and I hope see more pictures of semana santa en la antigua in the future. Its so good to see pictures of where I spent my teen age years!

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  • Yoly Reyna

    Es hermoso mi pais Guatemala, vivo en Estados Unidos y me siento en Guatemala viendo estas fotos, los felicito y gracias por dejarnos ver y sentir a los que estamos lejos como si estuvieramos cerca de los nuestros y de nuestras tradiciones. Con Carino Yoly.

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