If you read, you succeed

If you read, you succeed

The bibliobuses’ route takes them around Sacatepequez, that is the name of the State where La Antigua Guatemala is located—called Departamentos in Guatemala, visiting the villages around La Antigua for two hour per stop and returning every week. So kids with no access to public libraries, get the chance to read and check out the material in the mobile library chicken buses once a week. Here is the side view with the contact information of Probigua and their motto: Please Help Us to Help!

Enough said. I am living proof that education, reading and libraries are a solid ladder through which one can climb to success, whatever one decides that is. If I was not an Art Director/Graphic Designer, I would be a librarian.

Countdown side note: 2 more days to May 1st one-year anniversary. Two more days and we’ll cut the cake and blow the candle.

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  • I hope there were people who came into the bus and looked at some books.

  • Rudy, me encanta esta serie de la biblioteca móvil!
    Sí, ya queda menos para tu aniversarioo!! 🙂 qué emoción, verdad?

  • This photo…is really really good. I’m not a professional. But it arrests my attention. It has many “nooks” of energy going on. And I love the guy leaning over, staring out the window…perhaps at approaching kids. And I love the primary colors and large lettering — against the brown bus seats. This photo is a pleasure to look at, really — even if I weren’t a book lover too. (Which adds to my fascination with it, of course. 🙂 )

  • Mel

    I came across this blog a while back – I am in love with Antigua. I went there about 7 years ago with my husband, and have wanted to move there ever since! What a beautiful city – what a beautiful country! I love your site and the photos you post – keep it up!

    P.S. – what fun – a traveling library. What a great opportunity for kids to get excited about reading!

  • This is a great Idea, the picture looks nicely.
    Best Regards

  • stephanie

    im glad to see such a photo of educational resources excellent pic antiguadailyphoto