Is This Site Work for Nothing?!

Procession figures in storage

Above you can see the processional figures taking some time off from work in Nuestra Señora de los Remedios Church Ruins, near El Calvario in La Antigua Guatemala.

The Ramblimg Side Note: Why, but why do I put so much work into this site? Why do I work for nothing? Why waste on average two hours of my daily life for nothing? Why should I continue to throw away my precarious free time? Why invest my already scarce economic resources in camera equipment, sd memories and batteries for an inconsequential, worthless web site? Is this site really worthless? Is my time valueless? Why should I continue an unprofitable project like this one? Does any of you guys even care for this site anymore?

© 2007 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • korey

    Jeez, Rudy, I guess you’re feeling a little down today. I do look at your fotos everyday and the quality is excellent. I am sure there are many more viewers as well, they just don’t speak up.

  • Rudy, i appreciate your site, i have learned a great deal by visiting every day. It seems to me everyone’s site i visit is getting less commites these days.
    Try to please your self and you will have done a good job.
    Think of this, i am 69 years old and have live all my life in carroll co. ar. except for 4 years spent in california and i now have a friend whom lives in La Antigua Guatemala.

  • MaggieD

    When one throws a pebble in the pond, one never knows how far the ripples travel or the effect they will have (or something like that)… Your site is excellent and probably more deeply appreciated than you’ll ever know. I recently discovered LAG (last year), and plan to go back every year. Your site is excellent, and makes me realize how much more there is to see! However, I can certainly understand your ‘rambling side note’ – so rest or stop if you need to (I hope you don’t) but please know all your effort is appreciated and would be missed.

  • LD

    I like MaggieD’s pebble in a pond analogy. You just never know. I feel your pain, though. It is work to keep it up and sometimes feels pointless. I also wonder about how long any one blog can last, when the creator isn’t getting financial compensation. Maybe you just need to take a little “summer vacation” from the blog and then get back into it. The pictures and the stories are great, though.

  • Jerry

    Rudy, I look at your site first thing every morning, before I leave the house for work. I can’t wait to see what you have each day. I so very much enjoy your work. I love your photos, your comments are so infomative, an occasional bit of controversy makes it interesting, a sometimes differing point of view is an educational thing, and a glimpse of Guatemalan culture is good for me, since I hope to spend a lot of time there when I retire. I understand being tired and burned out! Get some rest. Your site is awesome and very valuable. How else can a person from East Texas get a great view of daily life in a tiny town in Central America. Keep up the good work.

  • Pat

    I’m sorry you’re feeling this way. I’m the mother of two children who were born in and adopted from Guatemala and the photos and commnetary are a wonderful way for them to remain connected with the country and culture of their birth. We’re all looking forward to a return visit in the not too distant future and have a much better idea of what we hope to see while there, thanks to all of your hard work. For my family and in particular my children, your web site is far from “inconsequential” or “worthless.” In fact, it’s incredibly valuable!

  • Donna

    Rudy, I think your site is an amazing record of La Antigua Guatemala for everyone in the world to enjoy. Every day I look forward to opening the e-mail first thing. And every day when I see it I feel a little rush of desire to return to your beautiful city. I know it is a lot of work, but we do appreciate it very very much. You capture the city, and the people and all that they do, so perfectly. If there is anything we can do to make your job easier, please let us know. I don’t know what that might be, except to contribute to your cost of the site, or if it would help, I have lots of photos and I could send some to you to use. Please do keep up the good work you are doing. It is very much appreciated.
    Donna, Toronto, Canada

  • Callie

    I visit your site every day as a reminder of La Antigua Guatemala. I was there over Holy Week this year and I miss the city very much. Your site gives me a connection to the city and I greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much and please keep it up!

  • Kristy

    This is the first thing I look for in the morning when I open my emails. I love seeing your picture, reading your perspective on the image, and learning whatever info you’ve carefully crafted into an enjoyable reading experience.

    Please don’t stop the blog. I might just have to return to LAG and keep it up myself if you stop. There are lots of us who truly are grateful for your work.

  • jon


    Please don’t stop. I lived in Guatemala for 2 1/2 years and spent almost every weekend in La Antigua and still have friends and family there. Your pictures are so beautiful. Tehre are so many people that have never witnessed La Antigua personally and your sites is a great way for them to see this amazing and beautiful city.

  • Rudy – your photo makes my day, every day. It is truly valuable to me. But two hours a day is a lot. I can understand your questioning this use of your free time, but know that it makes a positive difference in this corner.

  • Lisa

    I feel so fortunate to have discovered this site. I spent only a week in Antigua, but leaving was very difficult for me. For several days after I returned, I had the oddest sensation that my left foot was still on the ground there. I will be returning in August for another week, and visitng your site every day helps me to be a little more patient. Showing it to others also helps me explain to them why I felt such a strong connection to this place. I hope you will continue to find pleasure in making your posts because there would definitely be a void for me if I could not visit Antigua every day!

  • Javier

    Rudy, thanx to your website, I hurried my trip to Guatemala, I will be arriving there this coming weekend. Not a day goes by without me checking your website. I love every single photo you post and also your comments. Is it worth it? Yes it is.

  • Beth Hentges


    I look at your photos every day and dream of my next visit to Guatemala.

    Beth in MN, USA

  • Rudy, Your site is my home page and like everyone else is a link to a place I love. I understand the work you put into this and appreciate it. Thank you very much.

  • Julio

    Rudy, thank you for this website. I’m a Guatemalan even more an Antigueno living in The United States. I visited La Antigua for the first time in 12 years this past holy week I was there for two weeks and it was an emotional time for me to see how it had changed and it stayed the same. Since my trip when I started to research did I find your site and have visited everyday since. I love the pictures and your perspective and/or interpretation on the picture. This is the first time I comment but I hope is not the last time, keep up the good work because to me it is not worthless and it will be greatly missed.

  • Lucrecia Cordon

    Rudy, you might just need a little vacation, but please don’t stop feeding us of all the beautiful photos and history behind each one, I personally enjoy them very much, and have shared your website with many friends. Keep up the excellent work!!!!!!

  • Suzanne

    Rudy, you are an artist at what you do! It is not just for the photos that you post, but your comments as well. You make people think, imagine, and even dream. You found an inspiration and motivation in this wonderful little town, I can only hope that the inspiration has not faded. There are so many people that silently visit your site on a daily basis, but here we are, appreciating the beauty of your art. Thank you for all that you have done!

  • Ciara

    Hi Rudy,

    I just recently found this site and it makes me so happy everytime I visit! Please keep up the amazing work. I spent two months in Guatemala last summer and your photos are a wonderful reminder of what a special place La Antigua Guatemala is, plus I’ve learned so much from your comments. I look forward to visiting it everyday – please don’t stop this wonderful work!


  • For what it’s worth I enjoy your site, but you must follow your heart.
    It is clear that your site is really valued by many, but the most important thing of all is that you look after your own needs! Good luck with whatever you choose.

  • AC

    Hi Rudy! I´m the first one saying “Don´t stop doing this!!!!” I´ve lived my whole life in La Antigua and I enjoy seeing those wonderful photos and I also learn with your comments every day. You know that this is a great site and you only need to say “I´ll stop doing this” and everybody will jump out of their sits and won´t let you do that. :o)

  • stephanie

    hey Rudy, i understand how fustrating it can get. working on a project and not getting paid. that is the story of my life. Honestly Antigua Guate has not been documented like this so profoundly (visually) which can be accessed by everyone……i agree with lucrencia..i think you might need a short break from this….every artist needs to take a step back and observe…then come back to it later….its good mental health….but the reality of is that this is a phenomenal site and hate to see it disappear….

  • Love your site! Have learned so much and enjoyed the pictures to no end! 🙂

  • your site is wonderfull!….love coming to your site and viewing the pictures….hope you continue posting….

  • Vero

    Rudy: Your website is the highlight of my work day. It is part of my igoogle page. I keep it on there to remind me of my beautiful country and the wonderful times I’ve had with my family, even though I am so far away.

    You should also know that I especially appreciate your social commentary. While your pictures depict so much beauty, it is important to also depict the socio-political imbalance which plays a huge role in our Guatemala. You do a great job of juxtaposing the beautiful with the realistically ugly side of Guatemalan society.

    Please continue taking pictures. I promise to chime in more in the future.



  • Chris


    I view this site every day (I use the RSS feed on my tool bar) and enjoy your discussions very much. Your site provides a depth of appreciation for La Antigua Guatemala that I value.

    Sorry that it is so much work to keep up. I can understand your frustration. But I would really miss it.


  • Geoffrey

    Rudy, I can relate to the feeling of being unappreciated it. Let me take a few minutes of my day to say I appreciate your work and the time you invest in it. I appreciate the way you present Guatemalan culture to the world in a quality manner. In my case; even though I’m an “Angeleno” I was raised in Guatemala (Escuintla). Let’s just say I check your site daily, it gets me through the day here at work. It’s like taking a visual mini vacation. It’s also a way for me to keep a daily link with Guatemala, country that I love. Ok, keep up the good work man. Thanks!

  • Becky

    Dear Rudy,
    Most of my thoughts about this have already been expressed by others. I also look forward to your new posting and photo everyday. It is the first piece of mail I open!! Having visited there this past Semana Santa, I feel like my vacation continues through your pictures and commentary and look forward to a return visit. I think a break is well-deserved and your return will be anticipated by all. I have looked at other Daily Photo sites, and I think yours is truly the only, really “daily” one! We all appreciate the effort you put into this and want you to know how worthwhile it is to so many people, even if they do not make regular comments.


  • Ann

    I check in every day, even though I don’t always comment. Before finding this daily photo blog I knew absolutely nothing about La Antigua Guatemala. Now I know more than most 🙂

    Whenever anyone asks about La Antigua Guatemala or even Guatemala in general I send them to this website (for example here :

    So cheer up Rudy! We love ya baby! 😀

  • Thomas Schiller


    I love your site! I don’t post much, but I check in almost daily. Your wonderful photos remind me of the 4 months my family and I spent in Antigua last year. Please know that the time, effort and money you spend on the site are appreciated more than you know. Please keep up the great work!

  • Pat


    I commented earlier today about my adopted children from Guatemala and the importance of your site in helping them to know of their culture and beautiful birth country. This evening, I’ve been taking time to look through many of your photographs that were posted before I began subscribing and I saw your December 2006 adoption photos. I also read comments others had left about Guatemala being a “baby exporting country” and wanted to comment on that…

    To your many subscribers: please do not assume that all adoptions from Guatemala involve questionable practices or illegal actions. While there are certainly some irregularities, most adoptions are honest and legal and quite a few of us adoptive parents, myself included, sought contact with our children’s birth mothers after we adopted them. When possible, we help to educate the birth mothers’ other children and provide them with financial support in whatever ways we are able. I did not connect with my children’s birth mothers until years after I adopted them, but in both cases, relinquishing their children was their choice and was completely lega. Today, I am helping one birth mother to purchase land and build herself a house, so that she can raise her other children without fear of eviction.

    The vast majority of us who are adoptive parents do everything we can to insure that our children know their heritage and are proud of this beautiful country where they were born. I know that I speak for the majority of adoptive parents in commending you on your site and thank you for helping us to raise our children with an awareness of their country, culture, and heritage.

    Mom to a 15 year old daughter born in the Department of Santa Rosa and a 10 year old daughter born in the Department of Escuintla

  • Scott


    I care. And like so many others, I think that this website is awesome and without question THE BEST daily photo website in our solar system!!!!!

    Please do not stop. I check your website daily and truly appreciate all the effort and time that you dedicate to this beautiful and thoughtful labor of love.

    I can understand your frustration as well because one’s personal time is irreplaceable. As much as it would disappoint me if you shut down this website, I would support you because I respect you.

    Please do as your heart tells you. Regardless of what you choose to do, know that I and so many others feel indebted to you for your dedication and passion toward La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo.

    Thank you Rudy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • JW

    I discover your website today, and my heart started racing. We are coming to Guatemala on a mission trip in a few short weeks. As a person who does a lot of things, perhaps for not, I can easily understand how you could be discouraged. Surely you can see, after everyones comments, how truly amazing and important your site is for them – even if they don’t always tell you.

    As soon as I saw all the wonderful picture, I had to send them to my team leader. You really have a good eye, and a deep love for Guatemala. Thank you for sharing your love and insight.

  • Coltrane_lives

    Hey Rudy, I just stopped by your blog (later than normal today) and couldn’t believe the numerous posts. To add my own two cents worth: let me say, that as a relative newcomer to your site, you’ve provided a wealth of information about La Antigua Guatemala and given your own thoughts on a number of subjects…some controversial. While I don’t always see eye to eye with you, I certainly have the utmost respect and appreciation for you and your work and your honesty. Maybe a mini-vacation is what you need. I certainly hope that you’ll continue with a remarkable blog.

  • Everyday, I take a time to check up what new pic you have!!! No all time people writes a comment, but your counter gives you good numbers.

    Please I need that photo everyday. It is Antigua!!!!

  • Rudy, I enjoy your site and hope you don’t give it up, but I know how much work keeping up a blog takes and it would be easy to get burned out if you never took a break…let yourself have some time off every once in awhile!

    I don’t always comment, but I always look at the photo’s and appreciate them.

  • Herbasio

    I do, I come here every day! believe or not! Your work is appreciated and your comments on every individual pic are very worth it to read, I’ve learn so many things here, things that as a guatemalan I should know! Thanks Rudy, even though I do not comment often, I really do appreciate your work

    Sabés que son pocos los guatemaltecos como vos, que se esfuerzan cada día por dar a conocer un poquito de nuestra querida Guatemala y a nosotros los chapines ausentes a mantener frescas las imágenes de ese pedacito de Guate tan especial ! Saludos compatriota!

  • Once I wrote that there in Antigua you could photo a stone and this will become interesting *but* you didn’t take a stone and every single your photo deserve attention and caption has to read carefully. This to say how great is your work. Keep up, if you can. -Fabrizio-

  • Anonymous


    I was visiting another blog and saw your Antigua blog link noted on the sidebar. I developed an interest in Antigua recently while doing some geneology research. It seems there was a man in the early 1600’s (I think) who was sent by way of a “prison ship” to Antigua from Scotland. I imagine he served as an indentured servant, or slave, on an Antigua plantation. I don’t know if he was one of my ancestors, but he did have the surname I was researching. I believe some of the indentured servants left Antigua, by ship, and relocated to the early colonies of the United States.

    When I saw your blog – I was drawn to visit. You’ve done a wonderful job on it, thanks for sharing the views of your country.

  • Claudia

    Rudy, because through your beautiful photographs and detailed information you help sustain Guatemala in our hearts; you are a link from our heart to home. I appreciate what you do. When I get stressed out at work and I want to take a mental break, your site is on my favorites; Rudy you rock.

  • Melanie

    I love your photography and it keeps me dreaming of my next visit to Antigua. During my trip to Guatemala a few years ago, we went to several different parts of the country, and Antigua was my favorite town. Thank you so much for sharing these photos – and I hope you keep it up!! I may not comment on the photos, but I do check them weekly – and I love them. THANKS!!

  • Love the site. Don’t stop!

  • Karen

    I love your web site. The photographs are fabulous and the commentary is very interesting. I feel I am learning alot.
    thank you!

  • Manolo

    Pues Rudy, I’ve been out of it for a while and haven’t checked your site ’til today (7/7/07). As of today you had 43 responses to your distress call (mine would be 44). As the genius of the communicator that you are you have avoided posting a comment on this post. But you know what, you can’t, because it has been an overwhelming response of all of us, some that are only voyeurs, some other as blogger colleagues of yours.

    BTW, thank you for your congratulations in the post about the name of La Antigua (aka Santiago de Guatemala)

    Thank you for keeping your great work and reminding us of the beautiful city of roses and volcanoes. Thank you Rudy.

  • Zach

    I just randomly came across your site. It was a pick me up and inspirational. Quality in simplicity. Keep up the good work. Great photos and might I suggest putting a book together if you need financial returns to make it worth while. I think you could come up with a seller if these are just the tip of the ice burg in your portfolio.

  • Sometimes there is a long pause between cause and effect, work and reward, perserverance and appreciation- To do something this artisic in a generous spirit of reciprosity for the beauty and humanity that surrounds you in Antigua is surely a worthwhile endevour……….

  • I absolutely love your website,
    I am currently a photography major
    at UNT (University of North Texas).
    My family is from Guatemala,
    I visit from time to time and seeing
    your photos help remind me of
    one of my life goals. To go back to guatemala
    and photograph as much as I can.
    So in effect you have inspired me!

    Please don’t stop posting

  • I like your site. I get very little traffic on all of my blogs. I do it because I like to. Not everyone comments also. Keep doing it. You always have someone out there you make happy by your postings.