Architectonic Design Elements in La Antigua Guatemala

Architectonic Design Elements in La Antigua Guatemala

La Antigua Guatemala is like a huge living catalog of colonial architectonic design elements. You can walk around the town armed with a camara, notepad and pencil and an eye for detail to capture all the beauty that make up the architecture of The Very Noble and Very Loyal City of Sait James of the Knights of Guatemala. All the colonial architectonic design elements make this an enchanting and haunting little town. It is, certainly, more than the sum of its elements.

The photograph above captures another aspect of El Palacio de Doña Leonor in La Antigua Guatemala.

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  • Giles


    I was just wondering if it is correct to call La Antigua Guatemala “The Old Guatemala” Just as I’ve seen the name translated here (La Muy Noble Y Muy Leal Ciudad de Santiago de Los Caballeros de Guatemala ” The Very Noble and Very Loyal City Of Saint James Of The Knights of Guatemala) Would it be correct for me while in my contry to call it as it is translated in English? Thank you.

  • Actually, I believe the name translates better as “The Former or Previous Guatemala City”, but I believe people just call it Antigua Guatemala, La Antigua or La Antigua Guatemala; no translation is needed.

    If you want to read more on the subject, please read the entry What’s in a name? That which we call La Antigua Guatemala.

  • In this case “La Antigua Guatemala” is the name of the city and it is NOT TRANSLATED.

    The name of the city IN ANY LANGUAGE is “(La) Antigua Guatemala” (“La” is optional), which literally means “(The) Former Guatemala”. The translation should only be used to explain the etymology, while the NAME would always remain the same.