BMXing in Jocotenango

BMXing in Jocotenango

In La Antigua Guatemala and surrounded areas, church atriums and basket ball courts are used for many activities ranging from town fairs all the way to BMX bike competitions like the one above where I was lucky to catch a few shots. Believe it or not, the kid on the frame above landed with his feet on the pedals. Awesome dude!

POST CARDS UPDATE: I want to thank Gerard, Carolyn and Alan for having sent a post card from their home town as I requested in the Postscript entry. If you don’t know what I am talking about, please, do read the Postscript for details. But, in short, I am requesting a hand-written note on a post card, with stamps if at all possible, from all the visitors to La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo so I can learn a little about you and your hometown as well as to test the Guatemalan postal service. I encourage you to participate. My mailing address is on the Contact the author page.

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  • madre mia qué foto más increíble!!!

  • great capture! 🙂

  • That is a fantastic action shot; really well captured, I’ve not looked at your site for about ten days — you have certainly been busy with some great shots. I will try to get a postcard in the mail to you this week…

  • Absolutely incredible photograph! The contrast between the foreground action and the beautiful classical building is all the more captivating. One of the best photos I have seen in a while in my opinion.

    Planet Earth Daily Photo

  • amazing!

  • LD

    Wow. And you say you’re not a photographer. Great contrast.

  • Manolo

    Very interesting picture… the red tones are still coming up Rudy… the zapote church, the tenis of the biker dude and the rim and trim of the basketball board. Is this the beginning of your “red period”? Quite overcast in a good Antigua way.

    By the way, do you know that there is a Jocotenango also in La Nueva? Because the whole capital was transfered, including its surrounding towns. Jocotenango is by zone 2 and Ciudad Vieja is by zone 10, for example.

  • Great photo! I love looking at your photos.
    Nice idea with the postcards. I won’t be sending one as our mail system is hopeless here apparently (I never use it). I live in Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico and am originally from Alberta, Canada.

  • Truly awesome! As a clutz I am esp. impressed. 🙂

  • Claudia

    Manolo, I agree w/ you . . . hmmm, Rudy are u the next M. Night Shyamalan?

  • Claudia

    I just recently learned to bike ride so to me an adventure is driving w/ one hand (still have not managed to drive w/ no hands) so this is definitely hard core stunts . . . (plus think – under there is asphalt!!)

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  • Dsole, es un gusto saber que aún nos visitas. ¡Te extrañamos mucho Madrid DP!

    Alaya, thanks for the visit.

    One Way, thanks for the post card and the hand-written note; I will be waiting for it.

    Rich, let me tell you a secret… these guys did not jump very high, but by choosing a right angle I was able to show them completely airborne and with a classical antigüeño background.

    Patsy, thanks for the visit… how’s your health?

    Manolo, yes I know Manolo about Jocotenango and Ciudad Vieja in La Nueva… I am from Guatecity after all, zona 1, to be precise.

    Brenda, as far as I know, the Mexican postal service is pretty good in the sending part, so, do please send your post card.

    Lessie, I am klutz now, but before mountain-biking and roller-blading were my favorite off-the-keyboard activities.

    Claudia, if I had a six sense and live in ‘the’ village, maybe just maybe, I could give signs of an unbreakable future. For now, we could you say it was color red series.

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  • that’s great man, and he is my friend oly he lives in san lorenzo el cubo

  • cool the life bmx is good jajajaja

  • quien te mira va oly me llega esa onda