Arches at the Jocotenango Municipalidad

Arches at the Jocotenango Municipalidad

Here is another shot taken at the Municipalidad de Jocotenango (city hall) which shows its yellow façade and abundance of arches. Jocotenango was the community where workers and artisans (indians) lived in colonial times. Nowadays, Jocotenango still provides residence to many of the workers of La Antigua Guatemala.

Does anyone care to tell us a little more about Jocotenango?

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  • Manolo

    Pues I don’t know anything about Jocotenango… hey, is it there where they have that HUGE jocote (translation pls?) in the main plaza? That reminds me of towns in Saskatchewan (and in other parts of Canada too though) where they have to have an enormous statue or monument of something, like a canola plant or a tea kettle (first two examples that came to mind).

    I know that in zona 2 of La Nueva there is a Jocotenango too where they moved their cheap labour along when they decided to move the capital. My brother posted something about the Feria de Jocotenango [ES -ed.] last year, which celebrates the patrona of La Nueva. BTW when is St. Jame’s day and thus La Antigua’s patron saint day?

  • Geoffrey

    They have a great museum called ” El Museo de Cafe”. I was there a few years ago and the place is wonderful specially if you are passionate about coffee and nature. Also I think Jocotenango is the birthplace of Ricardo Arjona.