Berenjenas Sign in Antigua

Berenjenas Sign

Have I mentioned I have a fetish for the signs around La Antigua Guatemala? Here you see the Berenjenas (eggplant) sign on 6a avenida norte. If you are interested in seeing what all this fetish is about, please, browse the sign category (at your own risk). 😉

The Fetish Etymology Side Note: First there was the Spanish word Hechizo (witch craft or witch-made) which turned into Feitiço in Portuguese. The Portuguese Feitiço swam over the North Sea to France and became Fetiche (actually, between you and I, Feitiço flew to France on a broom; but since we are talking about the XV century we don’t want to risk misinterpretation, you know). Once in France it was only a matter of time for the English to snatched the foreign-sounding word, but because they did not how to spell it, Fetiche became Fetish. Unfortunately this was at the time when the Europeans were trading with humans from Africa and because they did not know much about Africans religions they use the word fetish to denominate all those religious rituals. Karl Marx felt that merchandise possessed a bewitching aspect and thus it was evil, so he called this malicious attraction a fetish. Once in the German language, it was only a matter of time (again) for mister Sigmund Freud to muddle with its meaning to apply it to the phenomena he was observing in his clinic. With this last meaning fetish (fetiche in Spanish) came back to its mother tongue; completely transformed. (Source: Fetiche from

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  • Claudia

    Rudy, what kind of food do they serve? Is it local cuisine? THe sign is very funky I gotta give you that . . .

  • This is a great photo, with a very happy looking aubergine…
    Planet Earth Daily Photo

  • This sign is excellent on the stark white!

  • Manolo

    Iron is such a lovely material… something so strong that can be molded into amazing shapes. The berenjena reminded me of one of my mom’s sayings: “Si la envidia fuera tiña, todos seríamos berenjenas” (“If envy was a skin colour condition we’d all looked like eggplants”).
    @Rich You are from the UK, right? I find fascinating how you use the French word aubergine for this plant and courgette for zucchini. Intriguing etymologies like the one Rudy describes to justify himself that it is mostly a sensual feeling he has towards signs and not a sexual one… mainly an “enchantment”.