Umbrella Time is Now Officially Over

Umbrella Time is Now Gone

Okay with this last photo of people carrying umbrellas we can now declare the rainy season of 2007 officially over. Okay everyone, you are welcome to the most beautiful weather in La Antigua Guatemala; come on over now!

Last year I posted the Requiem for the Rain on October 30. This year the requiem was on Wednesday 24th of October.

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  • Cynthia

    I am wondering with all of your knowledge of Guatemala food traditions can you recomend a cook book (if at all possible a book in english) that has traditional recipes.
    If there is a little history or back ground on the foods in the book that would be good as well.

    I enjoy your page, wonderful photos, and interesting facts. Well done.

    Thank you.
    Best regards,

  • Kim

    Rudy, What a beautiful shot. Well seen! That yellow wedding cake of a building certainly brightens up the scene, and I love your composition.
    Seattle Daily Photo

  • that yellow building looks like sun shine.

  • Jerry B

    Ah, November in Guatemala! Last November, I was on a bicycle, riding from La Antigua to the coast, reaching speeds over 90kph, passing cars. What gorgeous weather, with warm days, cool nights, and abundant sunshine!

  • November November… probably the month I missed the most in Guate… because is one of the fews with a noticeable transition. All those yellow flowers blooming in empty lots… What’s the line up for?

  • Lindsey

    I’m so excited, I will be in Antigua in a week!! I hope the weather will be as great as you all say it is!

  • Cynthia, I will look into it, but let me tell you ahead of time: I know nothing really about Guatemalan food.

    Kim, thanks for the visit and your wonderful feedback. I flew over to your lovely Seattle Daily Photo for some awesome photos and memories.

    Patsy, the yellow building is the entrance to El Calvario Church. You can search for all the photos I’ve published of this particular church.

    Jerry B, well let me tell you that the weather is just like you described it. Plus, Volcán de Fuego is putting up some awesome shows lately, thus the sunsets are scarlet red and orange. Boy life can be good, very good sometimes, even in this tiny Mayan republic where most Guatemalans ‘can only dream’ of a modest house, drive a decent vehicle, can afford all of the groceries, have air conditioning, internet, cell phone.

    Manolo, I am not telling you what the line is for… but I can only hint you that is has to do with…

    Lindsey, I hope you stop by and say hello and invite me to a beer or coffee cup. 😉

  • Jerry B

    Ah Rudy, wish I could see it. When I was in town in September, Fuego was quiet. I’m hoping to come back down for a brief stay in January or February.

  • cynthia

    After seeing today’s photo and then reading many of the comments about the gorgeous month of November,
    I am even more anxious to arrive in Antigua the middle of this month.

  • Ann

    Oh I cannot wait until our rainy season comes to an end. Right now it’s raining and the sky is always so grey and depressing!

    I suppose the plants love it though 🙂

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