Private Spanish Classes in La Antigua Guatemala

Private Spanish Classes in La Antigua Guatemala

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the private Spanish teachers yesterday in the cornucopia of options available for taking Spanish classes in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Spanish Schools entry. Once again, take all these options with a grain of salt since many of the flyers put more emphasis in the private part of the sale of the service.

Certainly, textbooks could be written about the world of Spanish classes in La Antigua Guatemala. Heck, even novels could be written about it; wait a minute, Ronald Flores already wrote a novel about the plausible ramifications of this exchange under the title of Un paseo en primavera (A Walk in the Spring).

If I was a writer I would write about the all the underground relationships and gossip that goes on underneath the façades of this Potemkin Village we call La Antigua Guatemala. This book would read like The Rum Diary of Hunter Thompson, but set in a town like the Savannah of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil of Clint Eastwood. Oh boy, how I wish I could write it! Maybe I could convince Guy to write. In the mean time, you could read Guy’s numerous entries about life in La Antigua Guatemala.

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  • Jerry T

    Rudy, Very interesting series. This is something I a
    want to do, so I find this informative. My Spanish is awful, although in Texas, we are surrounded by Spanish, and many Spanish words are part of our daily language. Many of our local stores have products branded in both languages. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  • sompopo

    Rudy, Feliz Dia De Gracias.

    Wally & Flor

  • Pues what Ronald doesn’t say explicitly is that the main character in “un paseo…” is another “Native Informant”, and so are all those good souls in charge of the spreading “Castilian” in your neck of the woods. In my case I’ve become a “double agent” to the service of her majesty but with my eyes still full of volcanoes…

    Through hybridization we all end up really mixed up and confused… asking where are we from? Which usually doesn’t have a clear answer after a few times of crossing borders… or staying too long someplace… THAT is one of the “risks” of learning Spanish anywhere in Guatemala…

    Thanksgiving was celebrated here in October, but we had our first snow today and that is a sign that the end of the year is near… enjoy the season and keep warm.

  • LD

    Maybe I need a few more of those private Spanish lessons, because I’m pretty slow trying to get through Un Paseo En Primavera. Great book, though. But if I were to take one-on-one classes with a chapin looking for a nice canchita, that could be asking for trouble.

    I get the sense you’d love to write a novel or maybe a series of stories, from all the scenes you’ve captured for us.

    What happened to Beatriz that she had to write “couple” in pen?