Reading Area at the Compañí­a de Jesús Library

Reading Area at the Compañí­a de Jesús Library

From the reception desk, we move to the reading area, immediately to the left, to check out all the recent magazines (mostly European and Spanish). This gray granite table with its bright illumination is the perfect work area to do your Spanish classes homework; even more so if you take into account the great dictionaries and thesaurus available there.

One more aspect which makes this library different from many libraries in Guatemala is the fact that it is self-served and thus you are free to walk around the whole library in search of the magnificent La casa de usted y otros viajes of Jorge Ibargüengoitia or the most recent novel by Javier Marí­as or better yet the most recently published Guatemalan literature book. The choice is yours once you are living your advertures inside this wonder-book-land.

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  • our libaray has many books and vedos and cd’s talking books plus computers. Very few people read the books. I think this is a shame, people don’t know what a joy a book is if they don’t read.
    When I go I bring home 10 books.
    I see many people using the computers. I suppose they have to read when they are on the computer.

  • erica

    hi rudy, nice shot! i wish our libraries looked as nice as this one. what are those arches coming out from the sides? i agree with patsy – it doesnt seem like people read books anymore – they dont know what they’re missing ;0)

  • What nice library you have there Rudy… that is why you have such strong feelings about the building. We have libraries all over the city here, some nicer than others, but none as nice as a colonial house like this one. And this time of year natural light might be a luxury we have only certain days…
    I do have to comment on how many people from different walks of life I see reading on the bus or the subway everyday. Books with library stamps are taken for rides frequently. Moreover, free daily newspapers such as Metro News and 24hrs provide democratic access to the bare bones news as well as some columns and tons of gossip from celebrities. They might litter the TTC, but at least printed word is always riding the rocket.

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  • excelente foto como siempre rudy, que agradable a de ser leer un poco en esa sala, la verdad esta muy bonita, saludos!!

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