Signs: Only in Guatemala

Signs: Only in Guatemala

No Food, No Cameras, No Guns, No Backpackers and No Private Guards inside, the sign reads. Only in Guatemala you can find this kind of signs (I think). Guns are a big trouble, you know; people do crazy things with them and not only in Guatemala; naked guns are worn in the belts like cellphones or keychains; even banks and offices have an unusual piece of furniture to deposit customers’ guns at the entrance. Certainly Guatemala is not the only gun-crazy country in the world, nevertheless, it’s sad to see signs like the one above, captured.

My condolences to the families and friends of the students who lost their lives yesterday in Illinois. 🙁

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  • Wow. That’s amazing. What does “no private guards” mean?

  • Susan, I am sorry for not being clear; private guards in this context means bodyguards.

  • Pat

    What an interesting sign!

    Great post today!


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  • I’ve seen this sign in LAG. I had to stop and look at it carefully. Thanks for writing about it. I’ve seen different signs in a lot of places and try to pay attention to them because I don’t want to get in trouble (like having a camera in a place where it’s prohibited), but the whole gun thing in Guatemala always makes me nervous. They are worn like cell phones.:-(

  • Kaa

    to think that a lot of people are having guns is unsettling. Just not used to seeing signs like this.

  • thank God I live in a country where people don’t wear guns. Its not allowed, actually its very hard to get a gun we even do not have stores to buy them (only some for hunters). There is a phrase about theatre shows: If you can see a rifle on the wall in the first scene you can be sure it is going to be used during the show.

    I think this saying is valid for real life, too. Not only for theatre!

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  • Joseph

    Guatemala is NOT gun-crazy! with comments like those people will think that everybody in guatemala owns a gun. In the cities there are some people who own them but there are more that don’t, and they don’t necessarily carry them around, they leave them at home or leave them in the car sometimes. Now in some small towns or “pueblos” there are more people walking around with them, but that’s just because of their type of business (if you know what i mean), other than that, some rich people have their own bodyguards. And i know what i’m talking about, i live in guatemala

  • Heather

    I’ve been in Antigua 5-6 times and stayed for several days each time, and I’ve never really noticed anyone carrying guns like cell phones.  Lots of armed guards…. which is a good thing.  Maybe they are hiding them more than on their belt.  They don’t bother me to see someone with one on his belt…. he might help me out in a bad situation.