Private Property Not For Sale

Private Property Not For Sale

As the U.S. real estate market plummets, especially the sub-prime real estate, the Guatemalan real estate market grows even healthier, especially in and around La Antigua Guatemala. So much so that now some properties are sporting a NOT for sale sign as a way to keep harassment from potential buyers down. I am quite sure it is not working! 🙁

The sign above the wall can be translated as NOT for sale, Private property. What do you guys think about this sign?

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  • For some reason it reminded me of a post[ñ] my sister in law had on her blog about my nephew asking her if it was ok to “sell information”. After a parenting moment about copyrights and international law my nephew explained that he was wondering because there was a sign that read “Se Vende Información Tel ####” roughly translated: “For Sale Information Tel #####”
    So, this sign of yours, a classic example of penitentiary style by the way, can be read as if the place is saying “This is not a Real Estate Agent” very Magritte of them.

  • coltrane_lives

    The sign itself,especially the lettering, reminds me of “military” stenciling…you know like in the TV series MASH. Extremely generic and not too friendly. As for people wanting to take up residency in Antigua…well, that’s a “no brainer.” Who wouldn’t want to live in such a charming city! Ciao!

  • I’ve heard about this property, but the problem is that inscrupulous people has sold it in several times. There is a big problem about the fraud. It sounds funny, but better that more scams.

  • Is this eye to detail, that keeps me checking your website everyday. No matter where I am at, I always look to access a computer, so i can enjoy the website. Thanx Rudy…