Contrast, Contrast, Contrast

Contrast, Contrast, Contrast

Photography 101: capture contrast. Well, that’s another easy task around La Antigua Guatemala. Here you can find contrast in color, between the old and new, between hi-tech and lo-tech, between local and foreign, between being safe and unsafe, between the wealthy and the rest of us, and between the betweens.

Contrast is one of the key adjectives people take away from Guatemala after a short visit. So, next time you come around Antigua Guatemala, make sure you look for it and take its many manifestations in your memory chip.

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  • MO

    Que onda con este loco? Guardia privado? Marero? Guerillero? Quque? wachiman? Ese rifle es casi casi mas grande que el?
    At least he has style…check out the fancy head wear and the gold chain. He looks like he’s ready for battle. He is trigger happy and he aint taking crap from nobody. He shoots first and then he ask questions. This picture is a funny one! Made my day.

  • MO

    Oh, one more thing. Either this guy is very short of that is one huge door opening. Now I get it… contrast, contrast, contrast! Rudy, is that what you mean by contrast?

  • the sight of armed guards like this guy, always makes me feel more insecure that secure…

  • Manolo

    Title: “El soldadito de plomo”

  • I feel like many cities in Latin America, and Central America more specifically, have a great deal of contrast between the old and the new. The buildings have a modern and colonial influence. There are really old family-owned cafe’s with a Starbucks sitting next door. People are playing enchanting, traditional Latin American music in the streets while others listen to the new-style Latin rap two blocks away.

    Even at the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza in Mexico there are sprinkler systems spread around the pyramid to cool people off in the hot weather. Contrasting old and new, as well as local and foreign always makes for some great photos!

  • Those security guards are one of the many things that i will never forget about Guatemala.