Licuados Claudia in La Antigua Guatemala

Licuados Claudia in La Antigua Guatemala

Okay, I need your help translating the word “licuados” into English? What do you think would be a good option?

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  • All the licuados I’ve had are somewhere between a milkshake and a smoothie. My favorite is mango!

  • Kerri

    A lot of Mexicans I know use it to mean some type of drink such as Janna mentioned – Something more nourishing than just milk or juice that would serve as a meal.

  • Beth in MN

    Would “beverages” work?

    Beth in MN

  • Raidar

    I have to agree with the above (sort of a milkshake/smoothie mix) and my favorite is strawberry. So maybe we call them moothie’s or smooshakes!

  • Smoothies, Shakes???

  • rocio

    fruit smothies, shakes, milkshakes.

  • Blandina

    Smoothies, my friend!

  • Gina

    Whatever you call them … they sound delicious!!!
    I will have to remember to get one when we visit in August.

  • Claudia

    I love licuados – I would refer to them as smoothies.
    My fav is the one w/ pineapples, strawberries & papaya.

  • I say smoothies, too. And now I want a banana smoothie, yum!

  • Anne Groombridge

    Seeing this sign makes me want a watermelon (sandia) liquado with mineral water so much right now! Wish I was in Antigua right now….sigh!

  • MO

    Liquados = anything that gets processed with a licuadora.

    licuadora = blender

    Please don’t quote me on the info above…I could be wrong.

  • coltrane_lives

    Smoothies sound good! I’ve got a photo of this little place taken about 3 years ago. I liked the name (my daughter’s middle name is Claudia). In my photo, out front of the store, there is a little type of grill with three legs welded to what looks to be a wheel from a car. Maybe you could clarify. I could smell the aroma of chicken cooking the day I was passing by. The store certainly hasn’t changed much in that time. I love the color and the sign’s lettering too!

  • Ale

    I make myself a licuado every morning usually it’s banana, cantalope or strawberry. I never really know what to call them in english, but I think a smoothie is the better description of the two. When I say milkshake I say … ‘oh, minus the ice cream’. 🙂

  • I agree with you, Ale, that they’re usually more like smoothies, although at one place I know they offer them (licuados de mango, banano, papaya, piña, o guanábana) made with or without milk. They’re yummy either way.

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