Guatemalan T-Shirts for Sale

Guatemalan T-Shirts for Sale

I caught this sampler of Guatemalan t-shirt motifs. I am glad to see new ideas being stamped onto t-shirts. By the way, which one would you buy from the selection above?

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  • Raidar

    Buying shirts like this is such a great way and I found the stores a little easier going than the markets. On which shirt to buy; I figure you can’t leave without a Gallo t-shirt and/or a Tikal t-shirt. Simple, great memories! Beer and History.

  • Michelle

    Where can we see and buy these T-shirts on line?

  • Stephanie

    I like the 3rd row far right with the Aztec symbol as well as the one below it. I also like the one with the Gallo emblem on it. Can you purchase these online??

  • Ricardo Mendoza

    What Aztec symbol? La Antigua Guatemala is not in Mexico. La Antigua Guatemala is in Guatemala. NOT Mexico.

  • I make all those t-shirts but don’t sell online because shipping outside of Guatemala is too expensive. You have to come to Nim P’ot, 5a avenida norte #29, or Nim P’ot at La Fuente, 4a calle oriente #14.

  • @Korey, perhaps you should consider becoming a Premium Sponsor of La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo.

  • Norman

    Hi! I just finished spending 24 days traveling around Guatemala. I was going to buy my t-shirts the last day I spent in Guatemala but for the fact that I ran out of time I left Guatemala with 1 t-shirt. Is there any Guatemalan stores on-line where I can purchase a couple of t-shirts…especially Gallo? Anybody-please help if you cN. mANY

  • Erick
  • Ani

    Where is the store located in Antigua? I was there years ago and can’t remember the location