Hotel Posada San Vicente Sign

Hotel Posada San Vicente Sign

It’s amazing how creative are the sign makers around La Antigua Guatemala. A quick glance at the Signs category can show the great diversity in design, materials and colors. I am sure, by now, I possess the largest collections online of signs from La Antigua Guatemala.

The Hotel Posada San Vicente sign above is made from metal rods forged into shape for very stylish typeface. Come back tomorrow to see another sign made from metal sheets and old piece wood.

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  • Raidar

    Great Picture!

  • I agree, very pretty! I also love the embellishment on the left. And since it’s hand-crafted, it will forever remain unique.

  • MO

    I am curious to know what’s on the left interior wall? Paintings? Wood carvings? they look like Mayan hieroglyphics.
    I’m 100% sure they are not electrical wires. (~:

    How are you Rudy?