Guatemalan Christmas Decorations: Manzanillas

Guatemalan Christmas Decorations: Manzanillas

The chamomile rings are known as manzanilla in Guatemala (tejocotes in Mexican Spanish). The aroma of a Guatemalan Christmas decoration is provided mainly by the chamomile rings and the pine needles (used as carpets). Other scents around the Christmas season in Guatemala come off from the tamales, ponche (fruit punch) and hot authentic chocolate. The manzanilla rings sell for about Q5 each and they measure about 10 feet.

Guatemalan Christmas Decorations: Chamomile Rings

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  • Su color es hermosísimo, y su aroma es uno de los que más me gustan. Comparable al del pinabete, al de la albahaca y al del café.

  • I love the color of them.

  • Lethe

    Greetings, Why are these called chamomile rings? I only have encountered the term “chamomile” used with little daisy-like flowers. (e.g. see some photos at wikipedia)

    I look forward to trying some of the foods you have featured the next time I am in Antigua. Thank you!

    always curious…..

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