Jardín Antigüeño: Geranios

Jardín Antigüeño: Geranios Rojos

Geranio is the Guatemalan name for Geranium, which is also known in Spanish as Pelargonio. Geranios or Pelargonios can be found with flowers in red, pink, purple, white and orange. Geraniums need a lot of water and in Guatemala they blossom year round. Pelargonios also need a lot of sun.

You can download the Guatemalan flowers wallpaper from here: Geranio Blanco and Geranio Rojo wallpapers.

Source: Guate Flora: Plantas ornamentales más utilizadas en jardínes guatemaltecos (Guate Flora: Ornamental Plants Most Often Used in Guatemalan Gardens).

Jardín Antigüeño: Geranios Blancos

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