Enjoying the Dry Sunsets

Enjoying the Dry Sunsets

Even during the rainy season quite often you can enjoy a dry sunset in the company of your loved one. I wonder what the conversation was about? Can you guess?

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  • Beautiful sky, lovely building! Wonderful photo – looks like a great place to spend an afternoon. Thanks for your birthday wishes!

  • Michelle

    How wonderful! I once spent a summer in Antigua, and thought it would never stop rainning.

  • emromesco

    Pues the rain does stop during Summer at LAG… and that is a good thing, because Summers are usually the time some of us have to travel “South”.

  • Giu

    el amarillo en las iglesias es muy común por aquí… y con el atardecer los colores se mezclan de lo lindo!

    muchos saludos desde Trujillo, tiempo sin pasar por aqui =)

  • Erick

    Their conversation might be about how they sat too close to the bathrooms sign.

  • “So was it the water? You know, I’m not sure it’s really purified.” She says, “No, I think it was the ice in the Coke.” He says, “Well, thank God the bathrooms are close by…”

  • @Leif, yes the atrium and surrounding park areas of Iglesia de La Merced are a great place to hang out.

    @Michelle, last year it rain a lot, but this year almost two month into the rainy season, the precipitations have not be abundant.

    @emromesco, you forgot to mention this photographs taken at the corner which is the center of the Universe. Did you see the perspective? BTW, according to Google Maps the Aleph must exist somewhere in this area, because if you find it and enter, you will travel instantly to Panajachel.

    @Giu, long time no see. Welcome back. I am glad to know you continue riding your beetle through the streets of Trujillo. I will stop by to say hello.

    @Erick, I am not sure they were aware of the bathroom sign, nor anything else for the matter, except themselves. They were having a romantic afternoon, one of those memory making moments, you know.

    @Mark, they were probably having conversations about getting married in Iglesia de La Merced or simply having a romantic exchange of caresses and sweet words.