Father’s Day at the Park

Father's Day at the Park

On June 17th is celebrated Father’s Day in Guatemala. On my lunch break I headed for La Antigua Guatemala’s Parque Central to see if I could capture an image with the sentiment of the celebration. I was so lucky I only needed three shots to be happy with the results.

Happy Guatemalan Father’s Day to all dads out there!

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  • emromesco

    Ulugrun! Te rayaste mano. 😀

  • Andrea P

    I absolutely love this shot. Great job! You definitely captured the sentiment of the day.

  • Sandra

    LOVE IT. (even for those of us who don’t do the mushy over-sentimental thing)

  • So precious.

  • Erick

    This picture is priceless! Captured a perfect moment on that one; their faces have happiness written all over them….very well done.

  • Stephanie

    This photo is a perfect way to capture the sentiment! If you see them again you really should offer them a copy of the photo. If I was that family I would treasure it immensely.

  • Great picture that captures the day. Father’s day often gets overlooked. Mother’s day is far more popular. It is nice to see it get a mention.

  • c

    How lovely is this.
    You can feel the joy and pleasure.
    Thank you.