Theme Day: Night

Antigua's Jazz Festival: Quinteto de Jazzuv

Night is the subject for the Theme Day of the City Daily Photo community, which every first of the month synchronizes over a hundred cities around the world over a single theme.

An enchanting night photo of La Antigua Guatemala must have a number of required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; which, in my humble opinion, these are: first of all—people, a spot-illuminated ruin, a street scene, an inviting atmosphere, music or music concert if at all possible (make it jazz concert), poetry, warm and friendly companionship, silhouettes may come handy and comfortable temperate weather. I am happy to report that all these characteristics were present at the time this photo was taken of the Quinteto Jazzuv. You may need to click the image above to see all the details. 😉

Thanks for visiting and please make an effort to visit to the other participating cities around the planet. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants.

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  • Love the green.

  • There is nothing quite like listening to music in the evenings.

    • @Lavenderlady, thanks for the visit. I agree with you, there’s nothing like a concert at night.

  • Jazzy NIGHT theme photo! Bravo! Encore!

    • @Leif, I am glad you like it. Did you check the other photos from the concert night?

  • emromesco

    Hey, what’s with the new WP theme… it does look cool. Ah, and one thing… could you put a “login” link on the main page? Otherwise one has to go into forums and login there. Since you are doing remodeling I thought to ask.

    About the pic… nice… LAG is the best backdrop for any cultural and artistic event.

    • @emromesco, done, you can find the login and logout as the last option on the menu on top.

  • Those concerts in Antigua with the ruins as backdrop are really something else. I see you’ve been doing some remodeling around here…it looks great 🙂

  • this is gorgeous. well done

  • Nice shot of a concert at night.