Let The Signs Speak No. 1

Let The Signs Speak No. 1

When he had fished the last fish,
poison the last river,
and cut down the last tree,
man will realize that
he can not eat his money.

With today’s sign I inaugurate a new non-consecutive series called Let the signs speak, which will aggregate signs that speak for themselves. If they need translation, I will do so, but for the most part, I will let the signs speak.

Can you guess where can you find this sign?

© 2009 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • In some kind of ecopark or nature preserve?

    Rudy, did you change the feed settings for your blog? Thumbnails for your posts have stopped appearing in the CDP portal. There’s just an empty space where the thumbnail should be. At least it does appear in the ‘Recently updated blogs’ page, even if there’s no pic.

  • what a powerful message, i like the sign series.

  • michele woodey

    No idea where it is – but it should be everywhere!

  • JerryBrown

    It’s at Escalonia.

  • Hmm, I’ve got no clue, but keep them coming, ;O) Cheers!!!

  • Eric

    Of curse, Rudy – the sign is on my front door, right after your post ! Ja-ja-ja.
    Nice shot, I have no idea where it is (probably right next to one of my haunts in La Antigua, but I’ve never noticed), but a true sentiment, and a great photo.

  • I love the message of this sign. I wish more people would take it to heart!

    • I second that, I hope everyone could see that.

  • Tariniba

    El vivero Escalonia