Salsa Dancing Schools in Antigua Guatemala

Salsa Dancing Schools in Antigua Guatemala

There’s got to be as many salsa dancing schools in La Antigua Guatemala as there are Spanish-language schools. Unlike, the online Spanish tutors available from LAG, with salsa classes you must physically be in La Antigua Guatemala.

Interesting enough, Guatemala is not known as a salsa dancing Mecca and since I don’t dance it is hard for me to judge the quality of the salsa classes. One thing I do know, there plenty of venues where the salsa students take their newly acquired moves.

If you have taken dancing classes in La Antigua Guatemala, or Guatemala for the matter, can you share with us your experiences?

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  • Eric

    Salsa classes in La Antigua ? Wow, I have missed a lot. I guess I spend way too much time hopping from coffee house to bakery to comedor. Ja-ja-ja !
    I haven’t danced in years, so maybe this would be ANOTHER good excuse for a long trip to the vortex, no ? Well, bailar, and Mozas

  • Oh Rudy… there is an entire “salsa underground” here in La Antigua!

    Julio, the owner of La Sala (a popular salsa club) is an excellent dance instructor. I haven’t taken classes with him but I’ve danced with him and he makes it soooo easy to follow!

    Gloria is a great instructor as well and absolutely beautiful to watch.

    Sin Ventura is a great place to try out your salsa moves!

  • Chris

    I took classes with Gloria 2 years ago and can only recommend her! She is a great dancer, a great person to spend time with and a demanding, but amazing dancing teacher 🙂 And yes, La Sala and Sin Ventura are great places to practice during the night 🙂

  • Ben

    Thursday Salsa in “La sala” doesn’t exist anymore. I think the owner has changed. Not sure about Sundays there used to be something a year ago.
    Carmen (in the picture) is an amazing Salsa teacher but she isn’t in Antigua at the moment. Apart from that I can also recommend Gloria.