Posada El Antaño Sign

Posada El Antaño Sign

We continue feeding the sign category with a sign made from ceramic tiles. There are over 106 sign entries thus far.

You know, there are sign ordinances that stipulate the size and materials that can be used in signage in and around La Antigua Guatemala. Would you like to learn what the sign ordinances are?

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  • It’s good that there is a sign ordinance – so many beautiful places are spoiled with too large or too ugly or just inappropriate signs.

  • Eric

    I like the looks of the tile signs very much. Waaaaay up here (okay, it’s not Canada, but we’re very close), people occasionally use tiles for the storefront signs…desgraciadamente, the signs are usually the favorite targets of thieves and vandals. Not much ‘community pride’ in my community, I’m afraid. In the wealthier neighborhood a few blocks away, however …