Digital life in Antigua Guatemala

Digital life in Antigua Guatemala

Guatemala is a country of contrasts and extremes. Here is todo o nada (all or nothing); there’s no medium. Here you find exceptional beauty within palpable danger.

So, no wonder one can find a whole bunch of smart phones with 3G and 2G Internet connectivity among a group of friends enjoying a get-together after an photo exhibit. That’s right, you walk around cobble-stoned streets with houses and buildings over 400-year old and the same time can enjoy cutting-edge telecommunication technology.

Yes, in La Antigua Guatemala we do Twitter, Facebook, SMS, Flickr, Blogging, RSS, Email, GPS, Geotagging, 2G, 3G, iPhones, Wifi, ADSL, CableTV, et cetera. 😉

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  • Antiqua seems all techno(ed) up! Someone has quite an impressive collection!

  • Ripley’s Believe It or Not! is possible in guatemala

    it always surprise me how often people from others countries still think that we don’t any kind of this technology even they ask you for some advices in a forum or a chat

  • oxwell L’bu

    ***La ciudad de piedra***

    Como centinela un volcán la
    vigila por las noches…
    La ciudad enciende los candiles
    para ver como se pasean por
    ella los señores en los coches…

    El Sombreron y la Llorona
    confabulan sus artimañas,
    para espantar a los pacientes
    y quedarse solos con la noche…

    Los grillos murmuran quien
    sabe que debajo de las piedras,
    las buganvilias que cuelgan de los
    balcones escuchan con atención.

    En un rincón del portal un punado
    de patojos aguarda al viejo que
    al caerla tarde les cuenta mil historias,
    de cada una de las calles y avenidas
    que tienen nombre…

    Un par de gringos se acercan curiosos
    y escuchan apenas entendiendo…
    Se oye a lo lejos el caer del
    agua de las fuentes.

    En medio de todo ese silencio de mil
    voces alza su voz un hombre…
    Que por centurias repite los mismo
    Acordaos hermanos que un alma tenemos
    y si la perdemos no la recobramos.

    Al caer la alborada el cielo se llena
    de estrellas y es cuando las piedras
    comienzan a contar sus historias…

  • I can’t wait till smartphones are cost-effective enough to saturate the entire country, i.e. the average Jose will be able to browse, watch vids, get email…PAY BILLS ONLINE, ahem.

    Can you imagine LAG without all the lines to pay utilities at the bank? That’s some Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

    I give it 2 years to become a reality.

  • sjbj

    one of the sharpest memories I have of Guatemala is our first trip there, in 2007. We were in Chichi and there was an elderly woman there, in traditional dress, could have been 100 years ago. EXCEPT, she was speaking (in a native language) into a cell phone. Really took us aback, the contrast between traditional and modern.

  • MO

    Who needs candle lights when you have smart cell phones! It’s 22:24…do you know where your smart phone is?

  • Life couldn’t be better, could it? ;O) ;O) ;O)

  • marilyn diaz

    wow!! beautiful pic

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