Exotic Flower Arrangements

Exotic Flower Arrangements

This was the second time I was alerted about the exotic flower arrangements placed on the fountains prior to a procession or lent activity. I took this photo the day after the procession at Escuela de Cristo. It was a welcoming surprise to learn that cleaning people did not take the flowers away.


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  • Lucrecia

    Why were you surprise?

  • @Lucrecia, well, I was surprise to see the flower arrangements next day since the cleaning crews are picking up and cleaning at the end of the tail of the processions. Sometimes, you don’t know a procession has gone by a specific area five minutes after the fact because all the sawdust, flower and fruit carpets have been clean up and there is no more people. Processions are very efficient here.

  • Or you could have titled it, “Absolutely gorgeous floral bouquets!”