Cucurucho Tsunami

Cucurucho Tsunami

I confess that you have to click on the image above to understand the title. I confess I have never in my life seen so many cucuruchos together. I confess I never been surrounded by so many violet or purple robes. I confess that I should have waited another 10 minutes to take photographs of the thousands of cucuruchos. I confess…

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  • Erick

    That’s a cool shot. In the past, didn’t cucuruchos wear a pointy hat, or am I just imagining things?

  • I confess its a tsunami!!! :O) Greeeeeeeat shot!!!!!!!!

  • Ha ha… I also confess the above reply.
    It’s a cucurucho tsunami.
    Hang on, it’s more like a whirlpool.
    Weren’t they moving in a circle?

  • I confess I don’t know what a “cucurucho” is – I’m guessing some sort of priest? Great shot!

  • sheila

    Cucurucho galore, the purple wave.

  • Beautiful street life image ! Well done !