Colonial Búcaro Fountain

Búcaro Fountain

One or more búcaro fountains are found along a patio or corridor away from the main fountain normally found in the center of the main patio. Like I have said before, búcaros are half fountains embedded along walls. In today’s smaller houses búcaro fountains are usually the only fountains found; still quite beautiful and relaxing though.

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  • Eric

    When I was growing up in Florida, we would take trips to Disney World and see the theme-park copies of fountains, plazas and houses like these. Maybe this is why I like to linger in front of las ruinas y las casas del siglo 17 when I am in La Antigua. How does the song go ? “Ain’t nothin’ like the real thing, baby…” 🙂
    Another great series, Rudy. One of these days (when I grow up), I might take a cue from Stephanie and make living in the land of eternal Spring a priority. Your photos make it very tempting.