Blink And The World Will Change

Inicio de Fumarola del Volcán de Fuego

It’s kind of paradoxical that in a place like La Antigua Guatemala things change in the blink of an eye. But, things do change quite often.

For instance, while I was taking this shot of Volcán de Fuego a fumarole emerged. I took this photo from our west-looking balcony using the maximum zoom (560mm) in the new camera, by passing many of the gravileas trees in the coffee plantation next door. Half hour later the dead Gravilea trees that created the frame were gone.

Sadly, the same thing happens to a lot of businesses in Antigua Guatemala. The other day, I was on my way to La Cenicienta cake shop and cafe to buy some sweets and when I got to location on Calle del Arco where La Cenicienta used to be for as long as I can remember, a new taco restaurant by the name of Tacotento had taken its place; just like that. 🙁

Needless to say that AntiguaDailyPhoto functions as a blogumentary and historic archive of places that once existed in La Antigua Guatemala.

Can you name a place that you’ve seen in AntiguaDailyPhoto that no longer exists?

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  • I’m sorry about the devastating volcanoes in Guatemala!

  • Eric

    Sorry, Rudy, I do not visit often enough to notice places that have disappeared, but I hate it when it happens here, too. So many panaderias, so little time…sometimes when I am in a hurry, I see one that looks very good, but when I try to stop in the next week,…it’s gone! 🙁
    As long as Hector’s and Fernando’s are still there, I should survive.

  • Alvis Dunn

    Good to hear of another fan of Hector’s (Rudy I met you ever so briefly there last summer) cuisine. But I am devastated to hear of the decline of La Cenicienta. The cakes and especially the Chocolate…it was a remaining slice of the ‘old’ Antigua for me that stood from the days of Cafe Jardin, El Mistral, and La Bota Tejana.

    This makes me very sad…

    Thanks for helping me stay in touch nevertheless

  • Stephanie

    Thanks for using the maximum zoom on this photo! This is the most detailed photo I’ve ever seen of Volcan de Fuego. Usually the photos are more distant so you appreciate the form (and the sky) but don’t get a rich sense of the color and textures. I think this is my favorite of the volcano pictures.

  • David

    I am so disappointed about La Cenicienta! While I’d been to Antigua four times before, last summer’s trip was my first time to the store, and when I return this August, I’d been looking forward to another chocolate & cream pie. Dios mio! So said. Rudy, if you hear of them opening up somewhere else, please let me (us) know.

  • Santiago

    If you haven’t heard by now, La Cinicienta is now on the corner of 2nd Calle and 4th Ave.

  • Eric

    Santiago saves the day ! Muchas gracias !

  • Alvis Dunn

    Great news…is that across the street from a little specialty food shop?

  • Santiago

    It is one block north of Deliciosa. Deliciosa is on corner of 3a calle and 4a avenida.

  • Alvis Dunn

    Cool, I will know where to look when I return. Do you know if it is the same family and staff running the place? Everyone there was always a plus..great chocolate and great service.

  • Santiago

    Unfortunately, there is a new owner. Vanessa, the previous owner, has moved to the States. Some of the same wait staff is there.

  • David

    Santiago, thanks so much for the info!

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