Even Volvos Look Great in Antigua Guatemala

Classic Cars Look Great in Antigua Guatemala

In Hollywood movies whenever they want to portrait or build the character as a safe person, either a house wife or a professor, they often put her behind the wheel of a Volvo, if it’s white is even better.


Who says you can’t drive a white Volvo and be an adrenaline lover at the same time?

Ephemiredes Aside: On June 30 is observed the Día del Ejército (Army Day holiday) in Guatemala, and on July 1 the Día del empleado bancario (Guatemalan Banker’s holiday); which really all it amounts to is that the banks will be closed for two days (as reported through a Antigua News Tweets before).

Theme Day Aside: Tomorrow is Theme day again for the City Daily Photo Community. AntiguaDailyPhoto.Com will be participating once again in Theme day, which is “Reflections” for July 2010.?

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  • Eric

    Hmmm….not quite as classy as the Rudymovil, but yes, a nice looking car. Excellent choice of subject, Rudy – this is one of those ‘travelling’ shots I like so much, where the viewer’s eye travels from the white of the building details down to the white car, then back again. Bien hecho!

  • That’s a snazzy-looking Volvo!

  • Guy

    I think that’s the one Simon Templar (The Saint) drove.

  • sandra

    the Rudymovil… I like that!

  • sandra

    Love your photos Rudy.

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  • Ricardo

    It is indeed the Volvo P1800, same model as The Saint’s Volvo. And I am waiting confirmation, but I may have been in the back seat, not a pleasant experience on the stone streets of La Antigua. Still my 15 minutes of fame. 🙂