Keeping An Analog Travel Log

Keeping An Analog Travel Log

My aim is to put down on paper what I see and what I feel in the best and simplest way. —Ernest Hemingway

Often I think I belong to the last generation that will have an appreciation and enchantment about paper books and notebooks. Even though I belong to the overlap generation; meaning we can as easily keep a travel blog but have no problem and even enjoy keeping a paper travel log. I mean there’s something irresistible and enchanting about a Moleskine journal with drawings, clips, post cards and real handwriting entries «- Click the link to see what I described.

Oversharing Aside: I don’t overshare often, but what the heck. Even though I am proud member of the La Antigua and Guatemala Geek Squads and I own lots of gadgets, I still keep a weekly paper agenda and I use college ruled notebooks to write my ideas and sketch possible designs and photos. Furthermore, I still read paper books. Please, do not tell anyone because these secrets might be grounds for expulsion from the Geek Squads. 😉

What about you, what’s your relationship with paper? Do you still use paper notebooks?

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  • WT… ? You are using a paper pad because don’t want to have an Ipad ? Fanboy perdido.

    Even with all gadgets I usually takes notes in meetings on paper, and then “try” to put it on digital, mainly Gmail, since have tryed evernote and other tools but seems that gmail is better and more natively available in shared / own gadgets..

  • miguelin

    OMFSM! o_O pajas, post-it’s rulz, that’s my top relationship with paper

  • Andi

    I still need to get thing down on paper. I have lots and lots of notebooks. Oh, and I only read paper books!