Guatever. I want one because I like the color, the typography and the chapín twist. Where can I buy it?

Now, can you guess who the lucky owner of the t-shirt is and why he’s beginning to grin?

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  • Cristina

    De hecho, me encantaría tener una que tuviera la palabra Guatever en letras pequeñas por todo el frente.

  • :O) Well, the t-shirt you can get it in almost any place in Antigua Guatemala :O) About the person holding the t-shirt, it wouldn’t be fair that I mention his name and/or why he is smiling :O)

  • Efrain

    Where can I find this shirt in the US? Maybe eBay?

  • Walter

    Forget the guy, who’s the pretty lady just outside the room.

  • @Efraín, probably you can find it through e-bay, but honestly I don’t know. Here you can find it in almost if not all markets.

    @Walter, eh, hmm, if I told you I’d be giving away loads of tips to answer Rudy’s questions 🙂

  • Diane Brooks

    ¿Posiblemente será un abuelo de un baron o una mujer?

  • Maria Figueroa

    They do have the best of everything, not only shirts!

    • Thanks Maria for the additional information about Nimpot.