Cevichón Pérez in La Antigua Guatemala

Cevichón Pérez

I am an etymology nut and spend way too much time researching the origins of words and phrases. So, perhaps, you can help alleviate my frustration with the Guatemala expression Cevichón Pérez, which I understand as a ceviche feast, but I have been unable to find its inception.

Can you help me resolve the mystery behind Cevichón Pérez?

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  • rworange


    Why is the name Pèrez associated with something good?

    All I can contribute here is some Googling.

    There’s a mention here in a discussion of phrases from the late 80’s and early 90’s. My cultural compass wasn’t pointing to Latin America at that time, so maybe this will be a help to someone who speaks Spanish

    Lookin at it though it seems that it is applied to other food adding “on” to the food and Perez. I googled on the Churrascón Pérez mentioned in that link and found that Churrascón Pérez is a sort of Guatemalan bbq.

    I’m unclear if Cevichón Pérez is the name of a specific type of ceviche or if it is, as mentioned, just a shrimp feast. This site has photos of various types of Latin Americna ceviches and the Cevichón Pérez is different from the photo of the Guatemalan ceviche

    Maybe the guy who has a blog with that name knows

    Hope someone answers your question as I have an interest in Guatemalan cuisine. I’ll ask around and see what else I can find.

  • Lico43

    La cuaresma esta en su tercer domingo de cuaresma y agarrado fuerza el calor en la Antigua…¿Onde se encuentra ese CEVICHON PEREZ?…por que la PLUMUDA, se compra en cualquier tienda, pero los bueno mariscos no…pasen el norte para irnos a refrescar…

  • Santiago

    Rudy, I do not like, at all, the Guatemalan version of ceviche. I guess I was spoiled by my ex mother in law’s ceviche, who is from Peru. Her ceviche was absolutely incredible. The addition of Salsa Ingles is gross to my taste. I would never, ever, eat ceviche from the street vendors on Alameda Santa Lucia. I know many people do. But, as I said, Guate style ceviche is not on my menu regardless of where it is served. I have tried various cerviches in several servicerias (sp) in Esquintla. Could not finish even one. Just my opinion.