Baroque Cupola from Antigua Guatemala

Baroque Cupola from Antigua Guatemala Rudy Girón

Here are a few questions for you to respond. As always, the answers are in the archives.

This cupola belongs to what church?

What are those figures dogs or lions?

What’s the name of the hill in the background?

From where was this picture taken?

What kind of baroque architecture is this?

© 2011 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Lacpr98

    La Merced!
    Cerro de la cruz.
    A while guess, Lions
    Not sure on the last ?

    I miss antigua

    • @Lacpr98, actually that’s not Cerro de la Cruz, which to 500 meters to the left. The architecture style is Spanish Mudéjar-influenced Baroque.

      Don’t miss La Antigua Guatemala any longer, come on down. Cheap flights are available every week now.

  • leif hagen

    1. St Rudy Cathedral
    2. Both dogs and lions
    3. The hill of Rudy National Park
    4. Rudy’s roof top
    5. Antiquan Baroque
    => how were my guesses?!

    • Luismollinedo

      Love your comments and Rudy’s photo.

      • @Luismollinedo, thanks for your kind words.

    • @Leif, that’s so funny, but I believe your guess were mostly incorrect. 😉

  • RamblingRound

    Can’t answer the questions but I love the photo!

    • Good to hear you like the photo.

  • Alvis12

    The figures look most like lions though they are unique.

    The vantage of the photo appears to be from atop the great stone cross in front of the main entrance to the cathedral but how could that be?

    The architecture is Earthquake Baroque.

    • @Alvis, they’re lions, we had a great discussion about that a while ago. Earthquake Baroque is so funny, but true. I promise I will do an entry about that.