Dining in the Garden

Dining in the Garden by Rudy Girón

We are so lucky in La Antigua Guatemala that almost every day of the year we can dine in the garden. The weather and temperatures conditions through out the year in Guatemala allow for outside dining. Of course, unless you rent an apartment or house in La Antigua Guatemala, the closest you can come to experience of the dining in the garden is if you visit the cafe at Vivero La Escalonia or Sabe Rico restaurant.

I am sure there are other restaurants with dining areas in the garden; can you share with us any other names?

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  • rworange

    Hmmm, there are so many beautiful outdoor dining areas in Antigua, but few with actual gardens that I know. La Cocina del Obispo has a number of fruit trees like apricot and that beautiful passion fruit trre (vine?).

    I don’t know if this counts as it is a farm and about 10 minutes outside the city, but Vahalla Macadamia Nut Farm as a small restaurant where you can dine under the macadamia nut trees. It is a very limited menu though with just macadamia nut pancakes and a few sandwiches. The organic farm only uses solar power so there is only so much they can cook.

    • @rworange, actually I have photographed the pila at Epicure, but I have not published it.

      Thanks for juggling my memory. How could I forget La Cocina del Obispo and Epicure? Shame on me…

  • Eric

    Fernando’s has such a lush patio…does that count as a garden ? I wish I could remember the name of the restaurant … was it 7a Calle poniente? … they made a great pepian, the wall surrounding the restaurant was a garden in itself, AND they had the friendliest guard-cat in the world, Martin. I guess I need a list of more restaurants to try. Hmm, where to find such a list…… ;D

    • rworange

      If just talking lush outdoor area, without a garden, it is difficult to beat Epicure Restaurant, Deli and Bakery (3a Avenida Norte no. 11B) across from the Artisan’s Market. One of my photos in this link

      They have a beautiful pila too which I’m surprise Rudy hasn’t caught yet. They also have some pretty terrific French breads and pastires. Don’t miss the pull apart cheese bread … and the best croissants in Gautemala … or almost anywhere.

      BTW, Rudy, I forgot to mention, that is a really nice shot of Sabe Rico. I like the way you captured the path to the cabana tables on the upper garden.

      • Eric

        Muchisimas gracias. To be honest, I have walked past Epicure restaurant several times over a few visits to La Antigua, and every time I say,”I’ll have to try that place next,” but never have. rest assured, next trip, I’ll be stopping in!

    • @Eric, Fernando’s patio is a great place to eat, but it’s not an actual garden.

      • Eric

        Perdoname, Rudy, tiene razon. But to someone like me, who still needs his snow shovel at the end of March, the patio at Fernandos es como la selva. 😀

  • scott

    I wish I was there now!