Theme Day: Under Construction

Theme Day: Under Construction by Rudy Girón

La Antigua Guatemala is one of the areas undergoing more development per square inch than any other city in the Guatemala according to Elizabeth Bell in the article What is the extent of urban planning in La Antigua? published in the June issue of Revue Magazine.

So, it comes as no surprise that sites under construction are quite common in La Antigua Guatemala. Follow the white rabbit to see what is under construction in other cities around the world!

La Antigua Guatemala es una de las áreas con más desarrollo urbano por centímetro cuadrado que cualquier otra ciudad en Guatemala de acuerdo a Elizabeth Bell en su artículo «What is the extent of urban planning in La Antigua?» publicado en la edición de junio de la revista Revue. Por lo tanto, es muy común ver sitio en construcción en y alrededor de La Antigua Guatemala. Si quieren ver que está en construcción en otras ciudades alrededor del mundo sigan a la liebre blanca.

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  • Abraham Lincoln

    This is typical in appearance. It would look the same here too. It is a nice photograph and I like the location you chose with the trees and the sky as the background.

    • Thanks Abraham for your visit and comment. As soon as I get a chance I will stop by your blog to see what you posted.

  • Erick!

    I dream that some day, that will be my house in Antigua under construction…..some day! =)

  • Lynn

    Accidentally stumbled on your site somehow, and it made me nostalgic for all things Antigua and Guatemalan.  Was there exactly 10 years ago for a couple of weeks, and spent every day in amazement.  I remembered a fruit someone shared on a boat to Santiago Atitlan, the most sublime stuff of paradise, it had bright fuschia colored flesh, and I looked for it everywhere for years, but never really knew what it was and have never found out since.  Would you have a clue?  These pix make me long to take a return trip.  Soon.

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