Aide-de-camp Models Dressed As Indigenous Women

The Inguat Aide-de-camp Women 1

Can anybody help me understand why a country with a +55% population of indigenous Maya hires European-looking models to dress as Maya indigenous women?

Please help me comprehend what’s wrong with our indigenous women that Guatemala’s Tourism Board hires light-skin ladinas and white women to represent our women?

I need help understanding what’s wrong with the other 45% of the population? Don’t mestizos, ladinos, blacks and whites fit the “Guatemalan profile”?

Please, do not get the wrong idea, not all Guatemalan women wear the colorful Mayan textiles and the Guatemalan society is so much more complex than this cartoonish image which is being promoted by the Tourism board. If you don’t believe, take a trip through the Guatemalan Women category to see the full rainbow of possibilities.

The Inguat Aide-de-camp Women 2 The Inguat Aide-de-camp Women 3

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  • Pinaristek

    i love this!

  • Pinaristek

    I meant the photograph

    • It’s good to know that Pinar stills follows AntiguaDailyPhoto. 😉 Hugs and best wishes to you my friend.

  • sjbj

    This is appalling. Thanks for calling them out. Have you asked them directly? What is their defense. 

    • Well, if you mean to ask the aide-de-camp models, they will simply say there were hired and that’s all they know. If you mean to ask the tourism board, well, they would say, that’s way they have always done it. 🙁

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  • Leif Hagen

    I really like their colorful clothes and especially the scene where they are standing! Fun to catch up on your blog again today!
    Kind regards from EAGAN daily photo

    • Hey, thanks for the visit. It’s been a while since you visited us last. I will stop by EaganDP one of these days to see what you’re up to.

  • Sepx787

    All indigenous woman are beautiful and it’s a shame, that they are using anglo, ladinas, European woman to represent our Guatemala cultures. 

    R Sepez.

  • Maryburich

    Who are the prospective visitors? Probably from the First World. Sad to say that some just feel so much more “comfortable” with those who look like, act like, eat like, etc., them.  Time to put the clamp on that.  Time for humanity to grow up.
    Mary Burich

    • Actually this photo was taken at an event for antigüeños, the launching of the Antigua Guatemala brand.

  • 1) Selling local product to the world by using foreign models.
    2) Selling local product to the locals by using foreign models.

    Which one is worse? The latter one happened, and still happening at the city (Hong Kong) where I came from. So Rudy don’t feel too bad! Even a developed city still has this kind of problems.

    • Still, I don’t think it’s correct. But, that’s something we have to work as people first. We always have to be critical of what our institutions are doing.

      • You’re right, it’s not correct at all. Unfortunately, the majority of people who are in charge of marking decisions, still act/live in last century or maybe Stone Age. 🙁

  • Oh come on… like if foreigners can tell the difference… we are all Latinos to them. 

    • Actually this photo was taken at an event for antigüeños, the launching of the Antigua Guatemala brand. And you know we DO notice the difference. 😛

      • So that’s why they used ladinas… god forbid we give opportunities to actual indigenous people to represent themselves… or maybe they did offer them the chance, but you know they are lazy after all.

    • Mary Burich

      No, not true. Many from other countries do have an understanding of Central America.

  • Erick!

    Bueno, por lo menos no usaron canches.

  • Stephanie

    Thanks for calling attention to this travesty. 

  • What about Miss Guatemalan using Maya ceremonial dress to win contests? I sense there is more to dig about this contradiction we live in our country. I also feel most of Guatemalan don’t know a thing about mayan philoshophy, and this lack of knowledge cause these gaps.