Guatemalan Slang: Chaye

Guatemalan Slang: Chaye

Chaye is the Guatemalan slang for broken glass. Lots of chayes are installed on top walls to discourage people who like to “borrow” the belongings of other people. 😉 Well, you get the idea with the photo above.

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  • Don’t you think it’s a little bit overkill! Barbed wire is installed above the chayes. Second thought, it’s better be safe than sorry!

    BTW, I hate people “borrow” my stuff without asking. 🙂

    • Well, if you don’t other people to borrow your stuff without asking is not. 🙁

  • Cool, I will take a look at it and let you know. THANKS!

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  • Ricardo

    Although the original post is from several months ago, still worth commenting. I remember los chayes, plural of chaye covering the top of many walls, wish I had a camera in those days as the sun shone thru the chayes. And yes the purpose was to prevent traviesos from climbing the wall and borrowing the fruit. The barbed wire arrived many, many years later and the razor wire is wrong on many angles, first are You running a prison in there? The Consejo should forbid a visible installation. Second it’s just an advertisement: We have good valuables in here, not just fruit!